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Available on Itunes! Search: Chris Ca$h Hello

Available on Itunes! Search: Chris Ca$h Hello

Chris Cash’s Bio

Aside from being the go-to guy to hit up when you come to Vegas, Chris Cash operates his own record label and manages his career as a recording artist. Having over 10 years of experience in the music business, 8 of which was at the top hip hop radio station in Vegas Hot97.5 KVEG, Chris Cash has now ventured on his own independent path. In radio, Chris Cash remarkably went from intern to one of the top radio personalities in the city, working just about every on-air slot and met countless amount of celebrities which influenced him in a very positive way. Chris Cash honestly and vividly illustrates what his Vegas lifestyle has come to be.

New Single “Hello” ft. Matic

Available on Itunes! Search:Chris Ca$h Hello

The Making of “Hello” Recorded at The Studio At The Palms, Las Vegas

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